About 3TEC.COM

Our Story

3TEC.COM started as a networking related services company to later focus on Application and Web Hosting, and was among the first to offer Java Servlet and JSP hosting in 1998. Operated in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario, close to the so-called "North Silicon Valley", 3TEC.COM survived the dot com bubble burst and was growing beyond all expectations. Today, 3TEC.COM continues to deliver value to customers through mission-critical hosting services.

Our Customers

3TEC.COM Customer Distribution by Country

Our success is built on the expectation and satisfaction of our customers. Over the years, many of our customers have hosted and referred numerous accounts to 3TEC.COM, as well as expressing their appreciation to the service and support we deliver. It is our pride and responsibility to continuously improve our quality in every aspect, and make sure our customers receive the best of everything from us, regardless where our customers are from. It is this focus that differentiate us from other hosting companies, and we look forward to growing with our customers.

Our Vision

While basic web hosting constitute the predominant services offered by 3TEC.COM today, businesses are increasingly looking for value-added services that allow them to further leverage the power of Internet to expand markets, increase productivity and reduce costs. 3TEC.COM's extensive experience in both computing platforms and internetwork implementations give us a competitive edge in offering these services, which include:

  • JSP, PHP, ASP, and .Net web hosting environment in Hybrid OS architecture
  • Domain Name registration, renewal, and DNS (Name Servers) services
  • Email accounts with Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection

In order for today's businesses to remain competitive in the global market, the hosting environment you depend on has to efficiently manage high network traffic loads, content delivery, large data capacity, and be cost-effective. 3TEC.COM will continue to provide our customers the turnkey to staying in the competition.

Contact Us

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