Sleep with peace of mind knowing that your potential customers can still place online orders from other side of the earth.

Zero downtime architecture elements

Zero downtime architecture elements.

At 3TEC.COM, we understand how vital it is that our customers experience 100% uptime with their 3TEC.COM hosting solutions. This is why we've introduced Zero Downtime Architecture that promises a 100% reliable, secure and powerful web hosting solution.


. Instant scalability
. Protected server-independent data storage
. Continuous website operation
. Hardware independent

How does 3TEC.COM's high availability hosting works?

Redundancy diagram.

3TEC.COM's website hosting solution provides your website with an enterprise-class high availability hosting solution that beats any single server hosting solution for a fraction of the price of advanced web clusters.

Powered by a mix of...

. Virtualization technology
. Multiple enterprise-class highend servers
. Centralized redundant storage
. Redundant network infrastructure
. Technically proficient staff


3TEC.COM makes sure keeping your website online is possible without any physical hardware dependency. If a physical server fails, another server will replace it instantly and your website will be available for your visitors as if nothing happened.