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400 available original templates

3TEC.COM's SiteBuilder offers simplicity and great designs. It is the ideal tool for anyone to create a high impact website in no time. If you have been dreaming of a dynamic web presence, grab the chance to have your own professional web site now.

Once you subscribe, not only do you get access to our powerful SiteBuilder, but you also get a full web hosting account with all features of our exclusive Panelbox control panel, email services, Instant Presence software applications and a lot more.

Register your own domain name and your full featured website will be easily accessible for everyone using its unique Internet address (Ex:

What will my site look like?

You can choose one of our 400 website templates to build your online web presence. Once you complete the easy website wizard, you will end up with a complete website looking like one of the websites below.

If you want to go further, you can download and customize our templates as you wish. You can even create your own unique templates for your customers if you are reselling the service. Start using 3TEC.COM's SiteBuilder now.

demoTemplate1 demoTemplate2 demoTemplate3 demoTemplate4 demoTemplate5

Content Management

Wish that you can control your site content with expandable functions and stylish design? 3TEC.COM offers Content Management System that requires no web or application programming, and capable of making your site to do:

Membership Management and Permission Control
Content Management: Latest news, newsflash, hot articles
Banners/Ads Management
Survey and Poll
Multimedia Management
Download Management
Forum and Community

Shopping Cart
Course Management
RSS News and Feed
Many more extentions...

Sign up with any of our Content Hosting plans, and start powering your site with CMS!


For sites that provide only static content, SiteBuilder is your turnkey solution! Choose your site design from over 400 templates that fits your business nature, and your site will be up and running in 10 minutes.

Sign up with any of our Content Hosting plans and start establishing your site with SiteBuilder.

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