What page is loaded when I go to http://www.my-company.com?

Our web servers are configured to read index.html as the default homepage, so people browsing your site can simply type "http://www.my-company.com" rather than having to specify a filename, such as "http://www.my-company.com/homepage.html"

It is strongly advised that you have an index.html file in each directory of your web site. Directories without it allow browsing through your files, possibly exposing to public view files not intended for that purpose.

The default pages that can be loaded when someone visits your web site are:

index.html; index.htm; index.shtml; index.php3; index.phtml; index.jsp; index.asis

Note that you only need one type of index files in your web site directory, and index.html will always supersede others if multiple index files exist in the same directory.